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Bahama Blast

When something’s really great, you want to share it with people you care about. In the case of this massive, high-speed inner tube slide, you’ll want to share it with a few other people who care about achieving maximum watery thrillage at least as much as you do.

In your jumbo-sized four-person tube, you’ll launch from the top of a 55-foot tower down a snaking purple and green striped course of nonstop action. Right away you’ll take on a wild spiral together in a fully enclosed tube—it’s so dark you can’t see what’s coming next! As you curve around the high-banking walls of the 517-foot path, you’ll eventually blast into an open section of slide, where the insane curves and unexpected drops are just as fun. Oh yeah, we also threw in a waterfall. Not sure what you’re waiting for… grab some buddies and get up there!