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Bear Valley Bumper Buggies

Get ready to speed, swerve, and clash! Zoom around our in-door track and attempt to dodge your opponents in our classic bumper cars. Let your inner driver out for a reckless rubber road rage experience! Our cars come equipped with rubber bumpers to allow riders to bump and drive around a fun and safe crash course.

On the road, the goal is to get to where you’re going without a crash. In Bear Valley Bumper Buggies, the goal is the exact opposite. You can try to play fair or -bam! You just got into another fender bender. Spin around or take off to have the most fun you’ll ever experience in busy traffic. So choose your color- red, yellow, or blue and hop in alone or with a friend. Your dream car awaits with unlimited potential to scratch, bash, and crash! Battle your friends in Darien Lake’s Bear Valley bumper car experience!