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People riding a turquoise roller coaster.


Backwards or forwards, you won’t know which direction you are going on Boomerang.

A must-ride attraction for any coaster lover, the Boomerang gives riders the ultimate roller coaster experience sending them up, down, and all around!

Hop on and buckle up! After plunging down a drop of nearly 125 feet and circling three loops, you get to do the entire thing over again… but backwards. Staying true to its name, you get thrown around once and then Boomerang right back.

Our loops will have your hair standing up on the top of your head as the coaster flips you upside down again and again! The Boomerang comes equipped with 6 total inversions and two drops in a riveting 90 seconds that will have you bouncing back for more.

A true coaster enthusiast’s dream!

*Go Fast Pass accepted here.