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Bada bing bang boom

Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom!

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Hit the Watery Slopes, Jersey Style!

It will feel like you’ve climbed to the top of New Jersey, once you’ve made it up more than five stories to the entrance of this towering three-slide complex. Each route has its own completely unique color and personality, but whichever color you choose, you’ll be in for a high speed chase to the bottom on a fully-enclosed tube slide experience.

Bada Bing, in purple, is the cool character built for speed, with a pair of back-to-back straightaways that will really let you ramp up the acceleration on your way down.

Bada Bang is a sleek 430 feet of teal green sliding action, combining the best of all worlds. You launch right into a swift corkscrew, then propel down a long uncurving descent, before finally spinning around and shooting into the pool like a bullet.

Bada Boom is the swervy orange tangle, starting you off on a major spiral spin-around right off the bat. This one doesn’t stop twisting until you rocket out of the bottom.

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