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Blue Lagoon

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Wave Pool

Get Tossed Around by the Sea Without Leaving the Pool!

With water this choppy, it’s no wonder there’s an enormous pirate ship crashed on the rocks! From just off the shore of a little fishing village, you can check out the elaborate wreckage. There’s only one problem — you’re in the middle of a raging wave pool!  This enormous 696,000 gallon pool is going to be your home for as long as you can take it — that’s 92,800 cubic feet of water!

Blue Lagoon is a massive wave pool that generates ocean-size waves right in the middle of Hurricane Harbor. There’s plenty of room for you to spread your flippers and get your wave on. Take a raft and ride over each crest like a ship at sea, or brave it freestyle, bobbing on the surf like a pro. Either way, this wave pool is a serious fun.

At its deepest, Blue Lagoon is six feet deep, but you can relax in the shallow end if ripples are more your style. There are even lounge chairs on the beach if you just want to kick back and take in the sights.

But in the giant pool, when the water starts to rise, you’ll rise with it!  One after another you’ll be swamped with wave after wave, and you’ll stay cool as a fish on a hot summer day. Spend a day in the ocean, without ever leaving Six Flags.

Ride Info

Wave Pool

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