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Cannonball, Wahini and Jurahnimo Falls

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Your Body Goes from 0 to 40 MPH in Seconds Flat!

Who needs a raft?  Your own body will do just fine on this pulse-quickening, blazingly fast complex of three slides.

Keep walking up higher, higher, higher. Trust us, you’ll eventually get to the top — it’s nearly a whopping eight stories in the air! Now it’s decision time: 

Cannonball Falls is 357 feet of pure adrenaline, in the form of a super slick enclosed slide. Survive snaking turns in total darkness with only your own body to maneuver the curves. Just brace yourself for the 64-foot elevation change in a few seconds. Though really, how prepared can one ever be for their body dropping 65 feet through a dark watery tunnel at 40 miles per hour?

Try Wahini Falls for yet another 394 feet of coiling madness, in total darkness. This slide is also fully enclosed, so feel free to let your body bank high on the curving walls as you twist your way down at top speed. 

And then in the center is Jurahnimo. This green, blue, and red striped monster is a mind-blowingly steep 76-foot drop nearly down.  It is fully open, so you can count on plenty of wind in your face as you rocket like a missile to the bottom. Hopefully that warm summer air will muffle your screams.

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