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People getting launched into the air.


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Become the Ultimate Sidekick.

NIGHTWING is both as simple and terrifying as it looks. Brace yourself for a uniquely terrifying round-trip that will deliver the best of both worlds—a high-speed launch, followed immediately by an epic freefall!

The height of the two enormous steel spikes that will hold the springy cable in place is only 146 feet high. You can handle 146, right? Well, actually, that’s just the beginning, because if you know how slingshots work, you’ll guess that whatever’s being launched—as in, you—is going to catapult far, far higher into the sky!

Strap into the open-globe harness and the giant rubber-band like cables will pull nice and taut. Imagine a giant invisible hand pulling back that slingshot. Then suddenly you are released and shot in the air like a bullet, straight up 240 feet into the sky. Now that’s some serious leverage! Oh yeah, and you’re flying at about 80 miles per hour.

Of course, what goes up must come down, so you plummet back down in a straight 90-degree free fall, also at 80 miles per hour.

Additional fee required.

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By the Numbers

5 mph
240 ft
1 min

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