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Goes upside down

The new CATWOMAN Whip brings yet another innovative and exhilarating attraction to Six Flags St. Louis in 2022. This new ride is the first in the park’s history to combine height, speed and dual motion. The adventure begins as the ride’s giant arm launches guests 16-stories into the air, spinning round in a giant vertical circle while the unique open-air pods are simultaneously flipping them head-over-heels. As riders soar upward, the circular rotation continues for a thrilling, one-of-a-kind experience.

Animated image showing NEW for 2021 CATWOMAN Whip at Six Flags St. Louis

The giant arm catapults guests up 164-feet in the air, and then plummets back down toward the ground only to complete the rotation again and again.


The massive arm will whip sixteen riders up to 52 mph.


Catwoman Whip will be located in the northwest corner of the park in between SUPERGIRL and The Boss.


It’s chaos in the sky as riders are whipped into the air in seats that rotate 360‎° individually, while the giant arm is simultaneously rotating 360‎°.


Eight riders are seated four across and back to back on each end for a total of sixteen thrill seekers.

Ride Info

Goes upside down

By the Numbers

52 mph
164 ft

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